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Let our staff tell you in their own words what it's like to work here at Loch Lomond Golf Club.
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Lisa is the Spa Operations Manager.

My alarm goes off…
It depends whether I am on duty as a Receptionist or a Therapist. If I am on reception I start at 8:45am (I tell myself 8:30am to ensure I am on time) – so on those days I simply get up and get my daughter sorted, take her down to my Mum & Dad who take her to nursery, then head to work – for an 8:15pm finish.

Due to the Spa having annualised hours, if I am a Therapist the hours vary dependant on what treatments we have booked in that day – if I don’t have a treatment booked in till later it means I can have a late start.

I’m responsible for…
All of the merchandise, which I love. I get to research potential new product lines – including the new Alpaca range that will be launching soon. I am also responsible for organising all of the girl’s uniforms.

I love that I have the opportunity to conduct training with the girls – and also to be trained. The Germaine de Capuccini range was new to me when I came to LLGC so its been great learning new techniques and working with such an amazing range.

I got the job…
I did a one year beauty course as I didn’t really know what I wanted to do! Then when I finished that I did a make-up artistry course which I loved. I was working in a pub part time at the same time and one of the customers recommended me for a job in a salon where I started as a junior – I worked there for 3 years working my way up, then sadly the business went bust. I met “husband to be” there, and we decided to do it ourselves – him doing the hair, me the beauty, and we brought in someone to do the nails. We did that for 4 years during which time I had my daughter.

Having my daughter changed my priorities, I was only off ten days when I had her, and I didn’t feel I was getting enough quality time with her so decided to look at what else was out there.

Driving through the gates for my first interview was like driving through the gates to heaven – and that was a year ago now.

My typical day…
Setting up the treatment rooms for the day ahead, as sometimes it can get busy at short notice so it’s nice to be organised. Carrying out treatments, manning reception, and if we are quiet we use the downtime for training and catching up with the things we need to do to push the business. It’s great to get the chance to bounce ideas around the team.

My most memorable moment…
When I had only been here for 2 weeks and already had Members requesting me again by name for their treatments. That was pretty special.

The worst part of my job…
The commute – especially on a nice sunny day when the Loch road can be so busy and the only option.

The best part of my job…
I love getting to hear Members stories and back stories. One member told me that when he came to sign his Membership forms here years ago there was a sheep in Spikes bar!

I love getting to know people – and it’s brilliant when a client revisits and ask you how that holiday was that you were telling them about the last time you saw them.

The team – we are a really close team and it’s a lovely relaxed environment to work in.

After Work…
I like to spend my initial day off doing all my housework and catching up on washings etc., then that leaves my other days off to spend with my daughter doing fun things like day trips to Ayrshire, and spending time with my parents. I come from a big family (I have 4 sisters and 1 brother) and family are really important to me.

My Plan B:
I always wanted to be an air hostess – but there were never any places when I applied. That was how I ended up doing the initial beauty course, as I couldn’t get in.

Or working with children.

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