Leanne Goodison

Graduate Management Trainee

Working at Loch Lomond for the past year has certainly been an experience I will never forget and will always value. It has given me the opportunity to work in one of the most exclusive Golf Clubs in the world and where I feel very proud to do so.

The Club, the members and all the staff welcomed me with open arms and have allowed me to flourish in this incredible environment.

When I began working here, it was remarkable to see the amount of love and passion everyone has for the Club and especially after all the financial difficulties.  Everyone is working so hard to make it a success and you are met with that desire as soon as you enter the gates.

The Graduate Management Trainee Programme has resulted in me understanding a lot of various aspects of the organisation and the importance of excellent customer service above what anyone would expect to deliver.

I have been expected to represent the Club from the moment I left the grounds and headed for airports and towns to collect guests who had never been to the Club and continue the Loch Lomond ethos of care, trust and pride. Developing my skills in food and beverage has been exciting and it has been incredible to witness fine dining at its best.

Managerial responsibilities have been placed on me when I performed the Night Manager role.  I was trusted by senior management to make any decisions alone or deal with any requests from members throughout the night.  

By working in this role, it allowed me to see that Loch Lomond are willing to train and encourage their employees to better themselves and to support initiative.

It has been a wonderful, challenging and exciting time working at Loch Lomond and simply unforgettable.

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