Environmental Plan

Loch Lomond Golf Club is committed to the implementation of a wide range of proactive measures to help protect and sustain the local, national and global environment and it strives for continual improvement of its environmental management system.

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The Club’s work in this area has already resulted in it receiving a series of national and international awards (see below).

Loch Lomond has pledged to preserve and enhance the natural environment in which its golf course and other facilities are situated and has published a Management Vision which states its aim is:

To provide Members of the Loch Lomond Golf Club with a distinctive golfing and landscape experience of the highest quality, worthy of our unique location by using best environmental practices and policies.

The Club’s interest in environmental matters means that it works closely with a wide range of bodies including the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Parks Authority (LLTNPA), Scottish National Heritage (SNH), Forestry Commission (FC), Historic Scotland, National Scenic Areas (NSA), and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency.

Loch Lomond’s Management Plan sets out the essence of what the Club hopes to achieve for the estate.  It forms the core of the Plan and is linked to aims for specific key areas.  These key areas are:

Turf Grass and Water

The Club’s aim is to manage turf to the highest quality based on best environmental agronomic techniques and to practise responsible management of the natural water resource for the estate as a whole.

Management and Communication   

The Club has also pledged to increase Member, visitor and staff awareness of environmental and conservation issues thereby increasing their enjoyment and appreciation of the unique biodiversity of the estate.

Nature Conservation

It is an important part of the Plan to protect the abundance of wildlife and natural habitat on the estate including protected species (Sites of Special Scientific Interest SSSI’s) like:

  1. Scottish Dock (Rumex Aquaticus)
  2. Over 30 varieties of Lichen
  3. Elongated Sedge (Carex Elongata)
    • The Sunday Times Top-50 Best Green Companies in the UK 2008 (the only Golf Club to be recognised)
    • BIGGA Scottish Regional Winner for Environmental Management 2008
    • Audubon Certified since 1998
    • West Dunbartonshire Business Excellence Awards 2008 – Business Growth Through Sustainable Development. 

    Landscape and Cultural Heritage

    The goal is to maintain and enhance the distinctive landscape character of the site and to recognise the outstanding scenic value of the NSA, the National Park and its role in the local and Scottish Cultural Heritage.


    The Club is committed to minimising the amount of waste produced by all departments and to ensuring disposal practices meet best environmental and legislative regulations. Waste Management is part of everyone's job role.


    The Club has pledged to minimise energy consumption and to maximise energy efficiency across all departments.

    Environmental Awards

  • Loch Lomond’s work on sustaining and enhancing its environment has been recognised by the Club receiving a number of prestigious awards. These include:

    2011 STRI Golf Course Environment Award for the UK
    2010 International Category Winner for the Environmental Leaders in Golf Award, GCSAA
    2010 Scottish Regional Winner in The Golf Environmental Awards
    2009 STRI (Sports Turf Research Institute) Award for Waste Management
    2009 Awarded Merit International Winner for Environmental Management by GCSAA
    2009 Recertified with Audubon status (awarded 1998). 
    2008 Golf World (UK) voted Loch Lomond the best inland course in the British Isles The Sunday Times Top-50 Best Green Companies in the UK 2008 (the only Golf Club to be recognised)
    2008 BIGGA Scottish Regional Winner for Environmental Management
    1998 Audubon Certified
    2008 West Dunbartonshire Business Excellence Awards - Business Growth Through Sustainable Development.