• How long will my seasonal contract last?

    The contract letter will define your start and end dates. Your start date can be as early as March 2013 and the golf season officially closes at the end of November, but we require seasonal employees in the hospitiality departments to work up to January 2014 which includes working at Hogmanay and on the 1st January. Seasonal employees may be requested to work beyond January, if business needs require this and the employee is willing to accept the extension. Under these circumstances, an updated contract would be issued.
  • Are there any financial penalties for not completing my notice period if I wish to leave earlier than my contract date?

    Yes the financial penalty is that 1 week's payment will be with-held and your holiday accrual will be less. As accrual of holiday hours is based on hours worked, if you finish early, then the amount of worked hours used to calculate the holiday accrual will be less. Final salary payments including holiday hour accruals will be processed and paid into the bank account during the standard payroll run.
  • If I wish to leave, will I receive a reference from the Club?

    It is our policy not to give a written Company reference on leaving the Club. However, if you feel it may be appropriate, we can be used as a reference source on your CV.