• Will I receive a uniform and do I need to provide anything myself?

    All employees will be supplied with a uniform based on the department and job title. We may provide specialist footwear, where a department's needs dictate this for Health and Safety reasons. Typically, footwear will be supplied by the employee.
  • How and when do I get paid?

    The pay date for all staff is the 7th day of the following month. You will receive payment for all of the hours worked from the start to the end of the month on the 7th day of the following month. Payments are made directly into your bank account using the BAC's system.
  • Are there any benefits or perks?

    As well as a competetive salary, there are other benefits to working with us. LUNCH:- You will receive a 30 minute lunch period every day when you work over 6 hours per day. We offer a free of charge hot meal each day. HOLIDAYS:- You will accrue holidays. You will accrue 1 hour of holiday pay for every 7.7 hours you work. We do not anticipate that a seasonal employee will require to take a holiday, so this payment will be made to you when you leave at the end of your contract. You may however be requested to take holidays during quiet periods. UNIFORMS:- You will be issued with a company uniform, you must adhere to the company dress standards which will be explained to you at to your induction.
  • Do I need to obtain a visa to work at the Club?

    All UK and most EU nationals do not need to obtain a visa to enter or work within the UK. However, if you are a national of a country that has recently joined the European Union, you may have to register with the UK Borders Agency or apply for permission before you begin work. All other nationals must obtain the relevant entry and/or working visa paperwork. Entry visa criteria are given on this webpage: http://www.bia.homeoffice.gov.uk/travellingtotheuk/beforetravel/entryclear/
  • Do you provide any accommodation or referrals to places which I can rent?

    Our Human Resources department is able to assist if you have accommodation requirements. Currently all on-site accommodation has been assigned. However, we have links with local letting agencies, who have properties suitable for short term rental. Letting accommodation is generally close to local amenities and the renter will be responsible for all utility bills and food costs.