• When are you looking for staff to start?

    We are recruiting seasonal employees to coincide with the opening of our season in March. Your start date could be as early as March, however, it could be as late as the beginning of May depending on each departments staffing needs. You will receive a start date and end date on your contract.
  • Approximately how many hours will I work each week?

    Working hours are dictated by the needs of the business. The number of hours worked per week depends on your department, job and what activites are taking place at the Club. You may be asked to work more than 40 hours per week or a shift can be as little as one hour. In extreme weather when the Club is closed to members a shift may even be cancelled. Many employees use this time to take some holidays and use some of their accrued holiday pay. You will need to be flexible to help accommodate the business requirements.
  • What will my shift pattern be?

    Each department has its own patterns. Your shifts will be issued to you one week in advance, however, they are subject to change as per the needs of the business and can be weather dependant.
  • What are the rates of pay?

    The rates of pay for a position will be discussed during the interview stage and will be clarified in your letter of contract.
  • What is a Zero Hour Contract?

    A zero hour contract is designed to ensure our business needs are met. It allows us to cover the required working hours and allows some flexibility within departments. Although the contracted hours are not specified, all employees will be given a weekly hours estimation based on department work patterns. Shifts will be issued one week in advance, but are subject to change and may be weather dependant.